Certification Course

Leveraging The Combined Power of Offline And Online Customer Engagement

In this course, learn how traditionally offline businesses can provide seamless omnichannel experiences to customers.


About the course

In a digital world, business that have an offline and online presence have an existential problem. They need to make sure their customers have a seamless experience across physical and digital touchpoints or run the risk of losing them to brands that do.

For traditionally offline industries like retail and hospitality, this is even more challenging. When you call it digital transformation, it can feel like a daunting undertaking.

In this course, Namrata Balwani breaks down the process – right from creating a Single Customer View and identifying the required tech stack to measuring success in the new context.

Learning Objectives

  • What are the key challenges facing marketers
  • What is the framework to build an SCV
  • What is a Single Customer View (SCV) and why you need it
  • What are the metrics that matter for long-term success
  • How to achieve practical offline-to-online use cases through an SCV
  • How to begin with “no-code”/“low-code”
  • How to find the right technology partners as you evolve
  • How to build a seamless omnichannel experience and implement loyalty programs

Meet your instructor

  • Namrata Balwani

    Former Head of Digital Marketing, Landmark Group ME

    Namrata is a Digital and Customer Experience Consultant. She has previously led digital transformation at Landmark Group ME, built Single Customer Views for multiple businesses, and co-founded a digital marketing and mobile activation agency. She currently enables startups and enterprises to drive revenue through marketing and MarTech stacks.

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