MoEngage Growth Marketing Expert

The definitive course to become a MoEngage certified Growth Marketing Expert!

Instructor:Team MoEngage
Class Length:3 Modules (6+ hours)

Course Description

If you want to master your MoEngage skills and become a growth marketing expert in the truest sense, this is the course for you. This course is ideal for people who are just getting started on MoEngage, or even for someone who just wants to revise different features that we have. In this course we will cover:

– A detailed walkthrough of the MoEngage dashboard
– MoEngage’s Segmentation capabilities
– In-depth campaign creation and channels you can leverage to execute those campaigns

This course is ever evolving as we keep updating it with relevant use cases, and new features that we keep releasing. To stay on top of your MoEngage game, we would advise you to revisit this course periodically.

What you'll learn

Understand Growth Marketing

MoEngage Product Deep-Dive

Customer Lifecycle Journey

Campaign Optimization

Data-Driven Decision Making

About #GROWTH Academy

#GROWTH Academy is a hub of free online courses designed to help digital marketers and growth enthusiasts learn the skills needed to drive growth for their businesses using MoEngage’s customer engagement platform. The courses cover a wide range of topics such as customer engagement, retention marketing, and mobile app growth.

Learn from experts across various industries through practical lessons, plenty of real-life examples and tons of resources and you will start to see results from day one.

#GROWTH Academy will allow you to step up your professional game and be prepared to score better projects.

Flexible Learning:

#GROWTH Courses are designed for beginners and professionals, allowing learners to study at their own pace.

Tool Agnostic:

No additional tools will be required for completing the course.

Interactive Learning:

Assignments and assessment tools are built into all #GROWTH courses.


Each participant will be awarded a completion certificate at the end of the course.

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