Success Mantras From Leading Giants of Jakarta

Watch this insightful panel discussion featuring industry experts with Budiono Darmawan of Ruparupa, Linda Valentin of Alfagift, Andreant Tendo of Bodypack, Igor Irendy of Vidio and moderator Tala Marie @MoEngage_Global where they discussed The Power of Omni-channel Engagement: Success Mantras From Leading Giants of Jakarta

  • Budiono Darmawan
    Budiono Darmawan
    Chief Marketing Officer, Ruparupa
  • Linda Valentin
    Linda Valentin
    Chief Commercial Officer, Alfagift
  • Andreant Tendo
    Andreant Tendo
    Managing Director, Bodypack
  • Ignasius Igor Irendy
    Ignasius Igor Irendy
    VP of Digital Marketing, Vidio
  • Tala Marie
    Tala Marie
    Associate Director Customer Success, MoEngage

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