Safeguard Privacy and Deliver Contextual Experiences: The Complete Blueprint

Watch marketing and product growth leaders from top consumer brands share their two cents (and real world examples) on how to deliver contextually personalized experiences while safeguarding customer’s data privacy. Panelists: - Manmeet Singh, Head of Product and Digital Marketing, Kissht - Kuldeep Jain, Head - Product & Growth, EatClub - Anand Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer, Fino Payments Bank - Vrinda Aggarwal, Head CLM, Join Ventures Moderated by Chandra Brahmasa, Growth Manager, MoEngage

  • Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh
    Head of Product & Digital Marketing, Kissht
  • Kuldeep Jain
    Kuldeep Jain
    Growth and Product, EATCLUB Brands
  • Anand Bhatia
    Anand Bhatia
    Chief Marketing Officer, Fino Payments Bank
  • Vrinda Aggarwal
    Vrinda Aggarwal
    Head CLM, JOIN Ventures
  • Chandra Brahmasa
    Chandra Brahmasa
    Growth Manager, MoEngage

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