Bridging Offline-Online CX using Omnichannel Product Strategy

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In this episode, we speak to Sneha Shitut, product owner at Decathlon India about their omnichannel product strategy and how quickly they were able to roll out the signature, high-touch, offline customer experience onto the online platform, during the peak of the pandemic. We also discuss the change in buying patterns and preferences and the corresponding response, the role played by the product in creating a seamless online-offline customer experience, user behavioral analysis, and personalized journeys, along with examples from new launches like ‘scan and pay’ and ‘contactless pick up’.

  • Sneha Shitut
    Sneha Shitut
    Product Owner, Decathlon Sports India
  • Rajarshi Choudhuri
    Rajarshi Choudhuri
    Senior Content Marketing Manager, MoEngage

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