#GROWTHMixer 2022 Highlights: Expert Opinions on Insights Driven Engagement and Personalization to create Unique Brand Experiences

Insights-led Engagement and Personalization to create Unique Brand Experiences

As consumers’ expectations for smoother brand experiences increase, brands must start thinking about how marketing data can be utilized to break down customer engagement barriers. To explore the premise of how insights-led customer engagement is the future of growth, we recently hosted two panels for our #GROWTHMixer 2022, inviting leaders from different industries to ruminate further on this topic. The discussion also converged towards how brands need to stop making marketing decisions based on instinct and gut feeling. Instead, they shifted their focus to big data and analytics with greater seriousness. Analyzing relevant customer data will enable marketers to understand customers better, plan engaging campaigns, execute, measure the success in real-time, and course-correct immediately. The expert panels also discussed how personalization would be the prime driver of marketing and business success and initiatives needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s an overview of the two panels covered during the #GROWTHMixer 2022 sessions:

Panel 1: How Insights-led Engagement is paving the Way towards Effective Customer Engagement

This session of #GROWTHMixer 2022 was moderated by Sagnik Ghosh (Sales Manager IN and ME, MoEngage) with Ashish Mishra (EVP Marketing, ACKO), Vedanarayanan Vedantham (SME and Startup Business Head, Razorpay), Priyank Agarwal (Director Marketing and Growth, Tata 1MG), and Jinnal Gori (Manager – Digital Marketing, Wellness Forever) attending as the panelists. Here is the link to the full video.

Brands across verticals and geographies are becoming increasingly customer-centric. They’re now doing away with the spray and pray kind of an approach and adopting a more analytics-driven and insights-led approach into their entire engagement strategy-  whether singular or omnichannel. 


Generally, insights-led engagement has three stages – analysis and segmentation, engagement, and optimization. The idea is to explore the market demand for real-time insights by monitoring customer behavior and buyer patterns across various channels. Inspecting this type of data helps brands predict customer behavior and craft bespoke customer engagement strategies that deliver results.



Panel 2: Utilizing Insights-led Personalization to Create Unique Brand Experiences for Customers 



This session of #GROWTHMixer 2022 was moderated by Gaurav Taparia (Enterprise Sales Manager, MoEngage) with Ritesh Bhatnagar (CMO, WOO), Rajesh Kamra (Head of Innovation Labs, RUPIFI), and Manikanta Yadavalli (VP Growth, Trell) attending as the panelists.  

Modern consumers expect brands to anticipate their needs and personalize their experiences with tailor-made, contextual recommendations. Multiple reports show that as much as 90% of consumers are likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations. Personalization, thus, has become a vital investment. 

In this session, subject matter experts discussed the shift from ‘one to many’ engagement models to ‘one to one’ brand interactions, powered by insights-led communication that helps brands create unique experiences for each customer. Here is the link for the full video.






With the abundance of data that brands collect on an everyday basis, there are endless opportunities to optimize customers’ experiences. But to do so, brands need to understand their customers and know their likes and dislikes well. As rightly pointed out by one of our panelists, “You can build a castle, but if your customer doesn’t want to live in it, then your efforts are pointless” don’t lose focus on your customers. 

With #GROWTH mixers and panel discussions, we aim to spark conversations between industry experts and leaders so the audience can learn from their discourse and interaction. 

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