Personalizing Experiences in the Age of AI: Actionable Insights from Top Consumer Brands

As AI continues to evolve, how do we measure the success and effectiveness of AI-driven personalization regarding customer satisfaction, engagement, and overall business growth? In this video, experts from PharmEasy, Vodafone Idea, and Times Internet discuss the role played by AI-powered tech and the trends and advancements likely to shape the future of personalization.

  • Harsh Parekh
    Harsh Parekh
    Co-Founder, API Holdings (Pharmeasy)
  • Kanika Mohan Saxena
    Kanika Mohan Saxena
    VP-Digital, Vodafone Idea
  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma
    Head - Growth & Partnerships, Times Internet
  • Shivangi Boghani
    Shivangi Boghani
    Associate Vice President - India, Middle East & Africa, MoEngage

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