Delivering Immersive Experiences through Storytelling, Insights, and Data

This session illustrates the power of integrating storytelling, data, and insights to create captivating and immersive experiences for brands looking to enhance their customer engagement strategies. The panelists discussed how enabling brands to connect emotionally with their audiences and convey messages or experiences that resonate, will help organizations gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviors, and further consumer engagement. The speakers also discussed how to use data and insights to drive personalized campaigns and build a single view for all customers, and how this ties into their storyteller strategies.

  • Jordan Scott
    Jordan Scott
    Founder & CEO, Cobble
  • Sarah Argus
    Sarah Argus
    Product Design Manager, ResortPass
  • Jessica Simeone
    Jessica Simeone
    Digital Marketing Manager, Octapharma Plasma Inc.
  • Alex Holub
    Alex Holub
    CEO, Vidora (Acquired by mParticle)

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