LivWell’s Success Story: Driving Business Growth Using Incentives and Loyalty Programs

Welcome, everyone. We hope all of you are doing well and keeping safe. The pandemic has taught us one thing: it is essential to prioritize our health and wellness above all else. From a sleek design to a bird's eye view of your progress, health and wellness applications come in various shapes and sizes! These apps feature everything from meditation tools to workouts you can do from home. These apps have been seen as a massive benefit for those who want to lead healthier lifestyles as it gives them the chance to practice the art and share them engaging tools that will help them be more motivated towards their goal. With higher customer retention and less churn rate, these health and wellness applications have seen tremendous growth, and we believe this trend is here to stay for some time.

Brief Introduction to the Livwell

In this session, we will explore one particular app that’s gaining ground in Southeast Asia that takes health care to a whole new level. To be specific, LivWell provides incentives through blockchain technology to encourage personal health management services! We know what you might be thinking, does blockchain technology have an impact on my health? Well, let us introduce you to Nikhil Verma, the Co-Founder and CEO of LivWell, one of the most prominent blockchain-based health and wellness applications in Asia.  The brand is monetizing health by building an ecosystem that rewards a healthy lifestyle in real-time.

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Livwell rewards members with awards and perks for adopting healthier habits with smoothies, personal training sessions, gym memberships insurance, and more. Check it out now!

Implementation of the Blockchain Technology and What It Means For Livwell's Offering

According to Nikhil Verma, Here at LiveWell, they’re on a mission to get your finances in shape. Like many health apps, they also offer group coverage plans that can save you money. They don’t just do that though, they’ve also got another plan that lets you get term insurance with no medical underwriting because they care about their customers’ overall health and well-being. Livwell’s team is looking forward to hearing from you about how they can go above and beyond to help members live healthier and happier lives!

First and foremost, the goal of Livwell is to keep wellness as the main center point by providing products (ranging from protection, savings, and investment) that allow you the flexibility of making your own choices. To do this, Livwell needed a network they could trust.

Records of your vitals – your heartbeat, blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI) – are valuable in today’s gold-rush for all sorts of consumer data. That’s why it is so important to have a secure place to stash this information, and this is where Livwell loves Hyperledger, the blockchain! This can serve as an upstanding storage space for your health information, such as the results from your latest checkup. Of course, all of these details will be kept confidential and protected, ensuring that no outside people or companies can ever access them without your consent.

Scope of Contextual Customer Engagement Employed by Livwell

Starting with a basic concept can make all the difference. This is exactly what Livwell did. Rather than focusing on just your daily movements, your steps, that you take every day, they took into consideration the user’s feedback and cater even more towards them by introducing meditation into the equation. They wanted to see how it affects their experience using the application.

Things like nutrition plans, for example, take things a step further by bringing in personalized features such as the Nutrition Navigator, where you can further personalize the user’s plan by putting together meals or ingredients that work best for your body type. So making those positive interventions using the application becomes a go-to place for you or anything related to health and wellness is where Livwell believes a key engagement really lies.

Role of Strategic Partnerships On User Experience and Engagement

According to Nikhil Verma, it’s been a great pleasure working with the second-largest insurance company in Vietnam, Allianz. They’ve supported Livwell ever since they were new, and they probably only had a few thousand level members, but Allianz believed in what Livwell could do in the field of health and wellness.

“It’s our pleasure to have become partners with one of the most renowned insurance companies in the world.”

Future Product Roadmap at Livwell and What it Entails

Livwell has launched a new initiative for their members where the user can consult with a nutritionist from wherever they are in the world! Through the application, the member will be able to interact with a nutritionist, receive a diet plan tailored just for that member and get a chance to learn more about how what they’re eating can affect their overall health. In addition, Livwell will have an integration where the members can earn coins by uploading their fitness routines and videos. The people behind each video get the chance to get noticed and even earn coins depending on how many people like their videos!

“We are planning in the future to build a much more user-centric platform with seamless usage and expand into other markets.”

Scope of User Community in Livwell's Engagement Strategy

Livwell’s core values remain grounded in health and fitness. Livwell wants to make sure that they can equip you with the right tools needed to find a balance between work and home that revolves around the idea of health. That’s why Livwell gives rewards if you can help motivate others to adopt healthier habits. All it takes is for one person to lead by example by walking every day or even creating a routine that centers on exercising, working out, or participating in some yoga. Before you know it, there will be people who join in on your activity. Everyone will be influencing each other emotionally and spiritually while also dedicating time to keeping the body healthy! This is the kind of engagement that matters to Livwell.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our session about how LivWell has built an application that rewards a healthy lifestyle in real-time. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your healthy lifestyle and keep yourself on track with ease with Livwell.

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