How BYJU's Uses Personalization To Stand Out


With the advent of online learning, new trends have come forward that are helping raise a generation of students who are more comfortable working independently rather than in a group. As a result, the children are taught in a way that is more interactive and educative and in a way that is best suited for them. In the online learning sector, the company Byjus has played a vital role in personalized learning. Let us understand more about how Byjus helps personalized learning to the children.

Byjus provides a platform for teachers and parents to give individual attention to their child’s learning needs. Teachers can use its robust platform to create engaging and relevant lessons to build knowledge for children. Parents can help their children learn at their own pace and then compare how they are doing against millions of other students worldwide.

BYJU's' Monica Shrivastava on the benefits of personalization

The senior product manager of Byjus, Monica, is here to tell us how personalization can help brands improve their customer experience. Join us at the recent Better Marketing event, where she shared her thoughts and best practices on personalization for consumer brands.

In today’s crowded digital marketplace, brands need to do everything they can to engage consumers in a highly personal and memorable way. One of the ways that BYJU’s does this is by analyzing its users’ preferences and habits, even down to their learning styles.

How does Byjus Generate love for Learning?

Byjus has been started with the apparent objective of creating the next generation of entrepreneurs and individuals who can think big. Byjus vision is to create a community of young passionate learners who are keen to learn and ready to take their learning beyond the classroom and make learning a habit. They aim to do this by providing high-quality learning resources and a supportive community to help students succeed.

Engagement at Byjus

Byjus is creating a world-class education alternative. They aim to build a learning ecosystem based on a holistic model that is student-focused, personalized, and highly engaging. Byjus believe that education should be personal, meaningful, and high quality. They help every child explore their potential to become a successful global citizen and take on the world.

What does Byjus do with users' data?

Byjus made relevant content for every type of student. The only way to get to know a user is to know what they like. They want to create the best user experience, and that means creating a personalized experience. They use the user’s data to get to know the student and communicate with the student in a personal and relevant way.

How does Byjus help the students learn at their own pace?

With the Byjus App, students have unlimited access to videos and study material that fits their schedule and level of understanding. Students can learn at their own pace or opt for the spaced repetition learning system to reinforce the concepts they learn from the video lessons. Byjus make sure if a student could not understand a particular concept, they will not jump to higher concepts. Byjus ensure that all the students have equal opportunities while learning.

Personalized Performance Report

Getting to know the students individually is vital to truly help them succeed with their learning and overall progress. A student’s strengths, areas of improvement, and even their in-app behavior should all be considered when it comes to making personalized performance reports for each student. Taking this a step further than just “first-name” personalization can help keep each student focused, motivated, determined, and most importantly – learning!

Insights on B2C Personalization

When marketing to the 21st-century consumer, you have to go personal. There are B2C brands that are doing such a great job with personalized marketing using AI-backed tools that can make sure that their message is always relevant and targeted at the people who will be most interested in it. Not only do consumers not like being ignored, but they also don’t like irrelevant messages – which is much worse than just being ignored! When you’re tailoring your message in this way for each specific person, it’s going to build micro-moments of interest, and these moments will lead to sales down the line because your brand genuinely cares about whether or not one particular person or group of people is happy.

So if you want to sustain your business in 2021 and beyond, make sure your company can stay true to its consumers on a more personal level!

Monica Shrivastava also mentions the difference between personalization and privacy invasion.

Toeing The Line In Personalization

Being useful and being uncannily accurate are two things that exist in the same sphere. You want to aim at being beneficial but benign, so your consumers can get the most out of your brand while knowing they’re in safe hands. Consumers don’t like spammy messages – they’d rather have the information be presented to them when and where they need it. At the same time, consumers are wary about sharing their data with brands due to privacy concerns.

Successful companies like BYJU know that customer happiness rises as you better match customers with services and show they are interested in their previous actions. With this kind of marketing, customers feel that the company is providing helpful and relevant information rather than being a nuisance. However, there is a specific ‘line’ one shouldn’t cross when using this tool. Once a business decides to increase personalization, it can make your customers feel like you’re invading their privacy, or what some might call a privacy invasion.

Final Takeaways

As a customer, we all love to feel special – a personalized touch goes a long way. First, it gives us the feeling that this business cares for us as customers and makes us more likely to buy from them again in the future. On top of this, personalizing your customers’ experiences also allows you marketing opportunities by sending targeted offers or discounts based on their purchase history, which will help them grow more loyal to your brand.

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