100+ Marketers Discuss Insights-led Engagement at KSA #GROWTH Mixer

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After a splendid turnout at our first-ever Middle East event, we landed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 5th October to host 100+ marketers across various verticals in a networking event.

Here are quick highlights of the interaction and fruitful discussions:

Keynote Session: Re-defining Your Omnichannel Strategy

Speaker: Samrat Sengupta, E-commerce, Omnichannel, and Product Director for GMG

Samrat Sengupta, E-commerce, Omnichannel, and Product Director for GMG

“Combining technology for both offline and Online is very important. Omnichannel is a mandate strategy.”

Next came a series of panel discussions and a fireside chat.

Panel Discussion 1: Personalization: The Secret to Customer Retention


Ankit Bansal, Head of Digital Marketing, 6thStreet.com

Adam Salem, Commercial and Digital Director, Dur.sa

Ahmad Fahmy, Marketing Manager, Speedi.sa

Personalization #GROWTH Mixer Saudi 2022

Adam Salem – “Entice Them to switch to smarter Segments is very important to grow LTV.”

Fahmy – “Omnichannel engagement helps grow LTV exponentially over the long run.”

Ankit – “Acquisition is for the top line. RETENTION is for the bottom line. Identifying new churn segments and fixing the issues is the hack I have learned.”

Fireside Chat: Turning a New Leaf in Sustainable Growth: Alamar Foods Saudi Story Around Experiential Engagement

Speaker: Shobhit Tandon, COO, Alamar Foods

Sustainable Growth #GROWTH Mixer Saudi 2022 Shobhit Tandon, Alamar Foods

Shobhit touches upon key themes like why Omnichannel has worked over multichannel engagement and changing the habits of customers buying from Alamar Foods.

Panel Discussion 2: Why Omnichannel Customer Lifecycle Management Will Take Lead in 2023


Mohanned Afeef, VP Products, Cura

Kassem Hashem, Marketing Director, Almatar

Dr. Nada Helmy, Head – Digital Marketing, Pharma Life

Omnichannel customer lifecycle management #GROWTH Mixer Saudi 2022

The panel discussion took place in Arabic to cater to the local audience.

Panel Discussion 3: Holiday Marketing: Driving Customer Engagement During and Post Holiday Season


Deepak Kumar, Manager – Digital Analytics, CRM, Jazeera Airways

Selvin K, Growth Manager, Tamanna

Moalla Alfadil, Director, E-commerce and Customer Success, Alsaif Gallery

Holiday Marketing #GROWTH Mixer Saudi 2022

Deepak: “Plan way in advance. Make them warm through multi-channel engagement.” The holiday season is best exploited to build stronger relationships with customers.

Selvin: “Every industry is different. To avoid a massive drop in traffic, look back at your data. Understand the market. Answers are discovered.”

Moalla: “We have never seen any drop in online sales post Pandemic. Online channel is here to grow bigger and bigger exponentially. Exploit it to the best by building great journeys.”

Parting Note

At MoEngage, we believe a customer-centric insights-led approach is the key to building a highly engaging and satisfying customer experience across segments and brands. We endeavor to deliver various actionable insights on how to better engage with your customers and build a lifetime of customer value through various events in the future.
Broaden your network and deepen your understanding of insights-led customer engagement through peer-to-peer learning by becoming a part of our ever-growing community of growth marketers, product owners, entrepreneurs, and other experts.

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