Trident Hotel, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai

14th July 2022, 3 PM IST onwards

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In partnership with


What is
#GROWTH Mixer?

#GROWTH Mixer is an invite-only conference for entrepreneurs, growth marketers, and product owners from consumer brands.

It aims at helping you network with and learn from experts and leaders engaging customers and driving growth in a digital-first world.

Building long-lasting customer relationships is the biggest growth lever. We invite leaders who share stories, discuss strategies, and teach frameworks on customer engagement and growth.

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Participating Brands

Participating Brands from the past Mixers

Why Attend?

#GROWTH Mixers are the go-to destination for learning all things customer engagement and growth. What can you expect?

1. Real experts sharing practical insights: All speakers are practitioners who are actually driving growth for some of the leading consumer brands in India.
2. Sharp focus on customer engagement: The sessions cover various aspects of customer engagement in great detail.
3. Exclusive and high-quality conversations: It’s an invite-only exclusive conference for marketing and product folks in consumer brands.

Meet the speakers

Raviteja Dodda

Founder & CEO MoEngage

Harleen Bhatti

Head Retention, The Good Glamm Group

Vikram Bhayana

Head of Marketing, Bajaj Allianz Insurance

Vidisha Debsarkar

Head of Growth Marketing, Tradesmart

Anurvi Yadav

Head of Product, JetSynthesys

Riyaz Ladiwala

EVP and Head – Digital Transformation, Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd – India

Vaibhav Khanna

Growth & Subscription, The Indian Express

Rachna Khanna

DGM Marketing – Growth Head Acquisition and Retention, Balancehero

Ameet Phadke

Associate Vice President – Growth Marketing, Rebel Foods

Asif Khan

Growth and Strategy at Upstox

Rupali Krishna

Director – MarTech at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Revant Bhate

Co-Founder and CEO at Mosaic Wellness

Moneesh Chakravarty

Head Marketing at Business Standard


Conference Agenda

The sessions will cover a wide range of topics on
engaging customers and driving growth




Get ready for a day of networking and learning.

1. Data is good, insights are better: How to delight modern customers by leveraging insights
2. How to lead with insights and engage with heart
3. Decoding the tenets of customer-centric engagement
4. Creating the modern day consumer-centric engagement playbook
5. Marrying insights with instincts: Modern consumer brand’s guide to meaningful engagement

Decompress a little and let all the learning sink in with a cup of tea or coffee and good company.

1. Reshaping engagement approaches in in the era of the connected customer
2. How to drive digital innovation in banking and finance: Turning the tide in your favor
3. The insights-led approach to resolving onboarding and retention challenges for banking and finance
4. Driving omnichannel product adoption for the modern banking customer
5. Reimagining customer relations for banking and finance in the era of economic revival
1. Why omnichannel, hyper-personalized experiences are the key to unlocking business growth
2. Secret sauce to driving product adoption in a digital-first world
3. Creating a modern-day, customer-centric playbook for meaningful engagement
4. Building an all-inclusive martech stack for digital-first brands
5. How to switch from campaign-centric mindset to driving customer-centric growth

Time to unwind after a day full of learning.


#GROWTH is a community for B2C CRM, product, and growth marketing professionals learning everything customer engagement and growth – from experts as well as with peers.

If your application is approved, you also get access to this vast community, courses, and learning resources. #GROWTH members also get priority invites to other conferences and peer learning events.


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Meet interesting like-minded people from your industry. Find mentors and opportunities to mentor others.


Whatever your current growth challenges may be, you’ll find a session that covers actionable insights.


We’ve all had a long couple of years. As the evening draws to a close, grab a drink and let loose. You just earned it.