05th Oct 2022, 02:30 pm Arabian Standard Time (Riyadh Time)

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#GROWTH is an invite-only, exclusive community aimed at fostering growth & sharing new insights for growth marketers, product owners, entrepreneurs & CRM/analytics professionals from consumer brands. The focus of the community is on sharing the latest insights related to driving customer engagement, retention, loyalty and growing customer LTV.

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Participating Brands

Participating Brands

Why Attend?

#GROWTH conferences are the go-to destination for learning all things customer engagement and growth. What can you expect?

1. Real experts sharing practical insights: All speakers are practitioners who are actually driving growth for some of the leading consumer brands in the Middle East
2. Sharp focus on customer engagement: The sessions cover various aspects of customer engagement in great detail.
3. Exclusive and high-quality conversations: It’s an invite-only exclusive conference for marketing and product folks in consumer brands.


Meet the speakers

Shobhit Tandon

Chief Operating Officer, Alamar Foods Company

Ahmed Fahmy

Marketing Manager, Speedi.sa

Samrat Sengupta

Ecommerce, Omnichannel & Product Director (GCC & SEA), GMG

Debleena Ghosh

Sr. manager CRM, GMG

Sweta Duseja

Director, Customer Success – META, MoEngage

Moalla Alfadil

Director of eCommerce & Customer Success, Alsaif Gallery

Adam Salem

Commercial and Digital Director, dur.sa

Dr. Nada Helmy

Head of Digital Marketing – Pharmalife Kuwait

kassem hashem

Marketing Director, Almatar

Mohanned Afeef

VP of Products, Cura

Selvin Kumar

Growth Manager, Tamanna

Deepak Kumar

Manager – CRM, Jazeera Airways

Ankit Bansal

Head Of Digital Marketing, 6thStreet

Kunal Badiani

Senior Director and Head of Expansion – META, MoEngage

Riyaz M

Sales Director, MoEngage

Islam Salama

Associate Director Sales – META, MoEngage


Conference Agenda

The sessions will cover a wide range of topics on
engaging customers and driving growth




Get ready for a day of networking and learning.

How GMG prepared itself for the e-commerce boom and future proofed its digital innovation strategy with customer engagement at the centre of it

“MoEngage Product Announcements + Customer Growth Stories Overview about MoEngage (our first in-person event in Saudi so makes sense to introduce us)
Our META presence High level product view plus select customers New roadmap updates Customer story”

Role of personalization in driving higher retention and LTV.
Personalization has become a differentiating factor between businesses in this day and age and is one of the keys to a retention strategy. Getting the ultimate personalized experience right will not only drive overall revenue growth for your business but also grows loyalty and boosts customer lifetime value (CLV)

The traditional customer lifecycle that followed a sales funnel pattern is now replaced by a shopping journey that is stretched over different touch-points.
To communicate across all channels, ecommerce businesses need to connect those touch-points with an omnichannel technology to fulfill customers’ increasing demand of instant information on any subject matter.

“Using data-driven insights, marketing teams can optimise their efforts throughout the customer journey, making communication ever-more personalised and effective at channelling leads into prospects.

A customer engagement platform stores every interaction you have with prospects and customers. Every email, social media conversation, live chat request, and customer support ticket is logged in a CEP. Customer engagement platforms give you a way to communicate and engage with people based on their activity”

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#GROWTH is a community for B2C CRM, product, and growth marketing professionals learning everything customer engagement and growth – from experts as well as with peers.

If your application is approved, you also get access to this vast community, courses, and learning resources. #GROWTH members also get priority invites to other conferences and peer learning events.


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Meet interesting like-minded people from your industry. Find mentors and opportunities to mentor others.


Whatever your current growth challenges may be, you’ll find a session that covers actionable insights.


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