#GROWTH Masterclass On

How to Engage with Customers to Increase their Lifetime Value

Millions of mobile apps compete for space on your customer’s home screen. With customer acquisition costs increasing, how can you increase your profitability?

The answer lies in customer engagement

In this exclusive, invite-only masterclass organized for the top-tier merchants of BillEase, learn how to create personalized, and seamless brand experiences that will:

  • Increase repeat purchases and customer loyalty
  • Increase the customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Improve overall customer experience

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A Masterclass on
How to engage customers to increase their LTV

Join your marketing and customer loyalty
peers for an exclusive wine and dine event.

We're bringing together the Growth & Marketing Leadership Community for a meet-up in Manila to commemorate the anniversary of one of our most-loved customers - Billease! Join us for dinner, drinks, and networking.

Make connections with like-minded individuals in the marketing and customer loyalty space, and learn from your peers. We’ll discuss topics related to customer engagement, retention, and growth for brands.

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Conference Agenda

The sessions will cover a wide range of topics on engaging customers and driving growth





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