Customer Engagement Leadership Program

Marriot, Riyadh
September 12, 2024
$140 $199

Riyadh - September 12, 2024

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Live CLM workshop


About Customer Engagement Leadership Program(CELP)

  • Live in-person workshop on customer lifecycle management
  • Learn & Apply frameworks built by b2c growth leaders
  • Brainstorm your CLM strategy with industry peers
  • Proven format(200+ past participants globally!)
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Topics covered in the framework

Customer Lifecycle & User Journey
Onboarding & Activation
Reputation & Habituation
Churn management & Resurrection

Insights from Peers & Experts

Learn to approach customer engagement strategically. Get face time with industry peers and mentors.


Elevate your growth game

Learn the frameworks to make a meaningful impact to your product’s growth and build your growth muscles.


Join the community

Become a part of an exclusive group and tap into the expertise of the larger community when required.

The Workshop Experience

Before the workshop
  • Accepted participants get access to video based learning material
During the workshop
  • Participants apply the frameworks to specific CLM stages & problems
  • Small groups are formed and ideas are brainstormed with peers
  • Each group presents their best solutions, and feedback/inputs are gathered from the larger group
  • Upon completion, physical certificates are awarded (and digital copies for Linkedln!)
After the workshop
  • Participants network over drinks, food and conversations after an intense afternoon of learning and strategizing!


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what #growth members are saying.

When I came in, it was like “I belong to a particular company”, but now I know about how five more companies work, or how five more industries work, or how their CRM work.

Uzair Hamid
Uzair Hamid
Former Global Head of CRM, Rain

"Comprehending the hurdles faced and exploring solutions employed by other sectors was deeply intriguing. CELP provided a valuable opportunity to broaden my perspective and gain further insight."

Isamar Fontes
Isamar Fontes
Data Platforms Lead

I learned how to build a habit through customer engagement, which was very interesting to me. This is the first time I’ve explored that.

Vibhav Gaur
Vibhav Gaur
Vice President - Digital Marketing

It was great to interact with people from different markets and get to understand the nuances of their customer engagement strategies.

Nilanjana Chatterjee
Nilanjana Chatterjee
Data Analytics & Insights Director

The community is always helping us get more insights in terms of what is happening in the market.

Renjith Krishna
Renjith Krishna
Head of Growth

"CELP offered an engaging platform for collaboration and brainstorming, particularly on key challenges in the CRM domain. It fostered dialogue and encouraged a shared understanding of issues in an interactive manner."

Julie Hutton
Julie Hutton
CRM and Consumer Analytics Lead
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