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#GROWTH Asia 2021: Asia’s Largest Customer Engagement Summit

What’s common among some of the most successful consumer brands in the world? Among many things, the most important is that they put the customer first, always. In other words, they are what one could call customer-obsessed.

It’s 2021, and ‘customer is king’ can no longer be considered a warcry for businesses who want to succeed in the mobile-first world. Instead, it’s a dogma that needs to be inculcated in the company’s DNA, its values, and its culture.

To help businesses like yours learn from some of the leaders at the most customer-centric brands in Asia, we’re excited to announce #GROWTHAsia 2021, Asia’s largest customer engagement summit aimed at marketers, product managers, founders, or anyone tasked with customer-led growth in a mobile-first world.

Brought to you in support from our partners at Mixpanel and AppsFlyer, the virtual summit will feature leading brands from Southeast Asia, including, Zilingo, Pops, Kredivo, OVO, Klook, and Fairprice to name a few.

Have a quick look at all 15+ leaders who would be sharing their insights and experience at the event below. And just in case you’re wondering what you can expect to take away from the event, keep reading.

4+ hours of interactive sessions across a line-up of exciting themes

Last year, over 4000 of you loved #GROWTHAsia, and this year we’re back with an even more exciting line-up of themes - from effective customer segmentation to retention strategies and building a world-class tech stack - we cover some of the most pressing pain points that brands can solve to unlock growth. Here’s a look at all the sessions that would be taking place.

Keynote: The Impact of Customer Happiness on Business Revenue

POPS is the leading digital entertainment company in Southeast Asia, providing over 380 million subscribers with access to the very best entertainment the region has to offer. Over the past 14 years, POPS has mastered the art and science of connecting brands with viewers and building up communities through meaningful digital content.

As its Chief Revenue Officer, Sarika is responsible for driving growth for the brand. In this session, titled The Impact Of Customer Happiness On Business Revenue, Sarika will be sharing nuggets of actionable insights from her experience leading the charge as a mobile-first growth leader.

Session 1: Effective Segmentation Strategies To Fuel Customer Engagement

Practical and efficient segmentation strategies can be the biggest difference-maker when it comes to customer engagement. The benefit of having an insightful and impactful segmentation strategy often goes understated but is of vital importance nonetheless. Here’s what you can expect to take away from this session:

  1. Factors for differentiating user cohorts and prioritization

  2. Dimensions to define initial segmentation

  3. Selecting critical insights and variables amidst a huge data pile, and

  4. Data collection for segmentation in the age of privacy vs. personalization

Session 2: Leveraging User Insights To Boost User Retention

Modern growth and product teams look at huge data volumes concerning user journey and at times it can be incredibly overwhelming. In order to avoid the analysis paralysis, it is very important to understand the critical user insights that need to be monitored and how they tie into the larger goal of boosting engagement. In this session, our expert panelists will discuss:

  1. The primary engagement metrics that need to be tracked

  2. The key milestones in a user’s path that should be monitored

  3. How to define goals for the product team in alignment with engagement metrics, and

  4. How to turn the critical insights into actionable strategies to boost engagement

Session 3: Building The Best-In-Class Customer Engagement Tech Stack

There has been a paradigm shift in modern customer engagement and subsequently, new technologies and tools have emerged to provide brands the much-needed cutting-edge. In this session, we have brought together subject matter experts to discuss the evolution of the customer engagement tech stack and how to go about building one that suits your business’s use cases. Join our panelists in this insight-led session where they will:

  1. Discuss the evolution of user behavior and psyche and the subsequent impact on engagement

  2. Talk about the need and importance of implementing a customer engagement stack

  3. Unpack the complexities revolving around an engagement stack, and

  4. Deep dive into how to overcome the challenges and build a best-in-class engagement tech stack

Session 4: Recalibrate, Recover, Reopen? Bouncing Back from the Pandemic

The pandemic is far from over, but that doesn’t mean your growth aspirations need to take the back seat. In this session, we’ll deep dive into how brands can bounce back from the effects of the pandemic into the new normal to supercharge growth.

Hop on-board for the customer engagement summit of the year

1000s of product managers, marketers, and growth enthusiasts.

15+ speakers from Asia’s most customer-centric brands.

4+ hours of sessions across exciting themes.

What’s the best part? It’s free, and you can join in from literally anywhere.

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