How to Ensure Long-Term Loyalty From the Start: A Course On Customer Onboarding

About the course

The first impression a customer has with your product can make or break your relationship with them. This makes User Onboarding one of the most critical stages of the customer lifecycle. But there are all these uncertainties.

– What are the components of a good onboarding flow?
– What KPIs or metrics should you measure to stay on track?
– How to demonstrate value and personalize the experience across user segments?
– How to automate the onboarding process as you scale up?

You collect a lot of data on your users and their behavior. You can leverage this data to better onboard your users and get them off on the right foot. In this course, you’ll discover a framework to make your customer onboarding measurably better.

Learning Objectives

  • The basics of Customer Lifecycle Management.
  • The importance of User Onboarding, along with best practices.
  • Using analytics to measure the impact of your current onboarding process.
  • Segmenting your users to personalize user experience at scale.
  • Building onboarding workflows to automate the process.