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How To Avoid The Spam Folder: A Course On Email Deliverability

Reach more users with your email campaigns and make sure you stay out of the spam folder.

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About the course

Email marketing is one of the highest revenue channels out there. That said, it’s easy to fall into the trap of starting off with a bang and shooting yourself in the foot. You’re highly likely to end up being flagged as spam unless you follow the right guidelines.

Marketing emails account for 70% of spam worldwide. If most of your email lands in the spam folder, it’s worse than not sending them in the first place since it erodes your domain (and brand) reputation.

The good news is that this can be fixed by following certain processes and adhering to certain regulations and protocols.

In this course, Meagan White, Head of North America Marketing at MoEngage, discusses the steps you can take to improve your email deliverability.

Learning Objectives

  • What is Email Deliverability and why is it important
  • The difference between delivery and deliverability
  • Critical factors for improving Email Deliverability
  • Troubleshooting deliverability issues for existing email programs
  • Staying out of the spam folder when you’re starting a new program
  • BONUS: An Email Deliverability Checklist for your next email campaign


Meet your instructor

  • Meagan-White

    Meagan White

    VP of Marketing, North America at MoEngage

    Meagan White is the VP of Marketing for North America at MoEngage. Meagan has more than ten years of demand generation, digital marketing, product marketing, and communications experience within software, martech, and content management.

    Meagan has both corporate and agency experience and holds a master’s degree from Boston University.

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